History of The Faroese Children’s Aid

The Faroese Children’s Aid was registered in the Faroe Islands as an NGO in 2006.

In 2015 we changed the name to The Faroese Children’s Aid.

The vision of  The Faroese Children’s Aid  is to improve the life and future of underprivileged children.

The Faroese Children’s Aid strives to provide education, nourishment, medical care and shelter to as many children as possible. Today over around 500 children receive such help on daily basis. Faroese Children’s Aid is working in Liberia, Kenya, Senegal, Pakistan, India and the Philippines. 

The Faroese Children’s Aid is an inter-denominational organization that is founded on the christian principles of loving our neighbour as ourselves and showing it in action.

The Faroese Children’s Aid is carried out by volunteer work to a great extend to minimize the office cost.


Email: fb@barnahjalp.fo

Phone: +298 222585

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