Letter of Appreciation

Written by runa on 24/01/2015. Posted in English

??????????????????????????????? Dear Sponsors and Leaders of ABC Faroe Island
Calvary greetings. I bring you greetings from all the children and staff of ABC Liberia.

We want to be very grateful to the Lord almighty for keeping us alive during this dreadful Ebola crisis. Right now things are improving based on the result from the Ebola task force.

Cute Christmas story

Written by runa on 24/01/2015. Posted in English

Angel Here is a little Christmas story about Angel, who lives in Monrovia Liberia.
Angel got a doll, a dress, half bag of rice and some smoked fishes from a little girl in Klaksvík in Faroe Islands, because this little girl got an amazing idea, to do a rally outside the local shop and give the money to ABC Children aid.

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