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Letter of Appreciation

January 24th, 2015 Posted in English

??????????????????????????????? Dear Sponsors and Leaders of ABC Faroe Island
Calvary greetings. I bring you greetings from all the children and staff of ABC Liberia.

We want to be very grateful to the Lord almighty for keeping us alive during this dreadful Ebola crisis. Right now things are improving based on the result from the Ebola task force.

The death rate has decrease as there is less number of patience in and around all hospital in the country. By December 16, we will be having our Senatorial Election which means you can notice that our Ebola news is really decreasing.

While the country lies in ruin of the Ebola virus, all of our children are doing well in health, strengths and Education. When the government stop all learning Institution in and around the country, the Children of ABC Liberia are still learning based on the Home School we established for them from your support.

As we consider the home school very important, our children will be promoted to the next class as the teachers are teaching the exact lesson prescribed by the Ministry of Education.

Today the entire nation has been affected one way or the other by the Ebola damaged, many people lost their family members, other lost the entire household, some lost all the family members accept on or two person left. Children lost both parents, many lost their jobs.

We in this light want to extend our sincere thanks and appreciation to you for your humanitarian aid towards the Liberian especially the children of ABC Liberia.

Your help meant a lot to us more especially to the citizens who were in dying needs.

All what you send during this time of Ebola, help save the lives of so many children, family members and is about to help provide Christmas gift to another group of children affected by the Ebola virus.

Again we want to say that your help send to us was also able to provide job for some young teachers who had no other means of earning living when the government closed all schools. Therefore ABC provided job opportunity for them in it Home School where each of them received at least 30.00 a month alongside with the staff of ABC.

How blessed it is to have you to do this for people in need.

Job 29:12Because I delivered the poor who cried for help, and the orphan who had no helper”.

May God bless you for your continue help to Liberia.


El-McIntosh Mator, Sr.

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